Scarves again

Scarves, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Thanx for the comments on them i am not fishing for more : ) But this time i wanted to add details since i am not mad at my wireless on/off switch anymore.
So the Rainbow-y Scarf is mine-it’s more of a long skinny scarf that you can wrap around a lot or let it hang down.
Knit on Size 11 needles
Yarn is Ironstone Colorchanges yarn. Color 232
I looked back and i started this around the beginning of October-not as far back as i thought-yay.
Little Man’s Scarf is made from Germany imported yarn lol
Wolle Rodel Maxi-Color-it’s a bulky yarn and i used a size 9 needle. The fabric turned out nice and thick so the wind can’t get thru but at the same time it’s not stiff.
i did it in the basketweave pattern (i think) it’s K5, P5, K5, P5 for 5 rows and then the opposite for 5 rows and so on and so on. I didn’t want the scarf to have a wrong side.
Today Little Man and I had a Jammie Day. i did some dishes and started on my MONSTER PILE of laundry. I really let it get behind with all the holiday gatherings. Little Man’s fave part of the day was going to Walgreen’s IN OUR JAMMIES-he kept looking at me, grinning at asking “Mommy. what are we wearing” anyway we went and pickd up over 450 pictures. Yeah-apart from my Germany pics, Mommy got really behind on her pics. Good news is i have about half of them put away in albums.

Do you have any exciting plans for New Years? We will probably just be hangin out-In our jammies!!! and i will do some knitting of course-Gotta start the New Year off right!


One thought on “Scarves again

  1. LOL @ your little guy, he is so funny. the scarves are very pretty too. i was perusing your books of the year, i saw you read haunted ground. did you love it??? i really enjoyed that one. ❤

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