Not so Quick Projects

Scarves, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Scarves…usually you can zip right thru them-Not me. I take weeks and monthes. I am sure others have too but i usually aim to get things done and move on to the next with no knitting baggage 🙂

Do you guys recognize the Rainbow-y scarf? That’s My So called Scarf that i started in Sept. i think. I am not sure-all is lost-the pattern link, the yarn label and i forgot to write when i started it. Oh well i love how it turned out.

Little Man’s scarf turned out great too and he loves it-he tried to lasso me with it at the bookstore when i was taking to long in the craft book section.

Next up a earflap hat for hubby that is driving me insane-i can’t get guage with the pattern i picked. Now i am trying it by myself and my flaps look weird-i just hate it-Hopefully i can look at it tomorrow with fresh eyes and figure something out.

Socks on 2 Circular Needles-i figured it out last night with no problems and found it quite easy but the kit i got from knit picks came with 3 mm needles-which is bigger than the US 2 needles i use so i noticed right after 3 rows that my sock was ending up huge. So it’s back to the DP’s for me until i can get smaller needles. I am kinda bummed-i was looking forward to trying to do this with a whole pair of socks but not meant to be and i probably won’t get any use out of these needles otherwise. 😦
i have heard some god things about Magic 8 (karen commented she liked it as well) so maybe that will be my next experiment-but everytime i have looked at it i got totally boggled.

Well, i had so much more in my post that was deleted when i hit my wireless on/off switch-i was so angry but i have gotten over it. But sadly you guys get the short end of the stick cause my second post has been chopped of all th details and cute statments.
Next one will be better.

Good night 🙂


3 thoughts on “Not so Quick Projects

  1. Oooh! I am mad all over again for you @ losing original post. I just HATE that!!

    Ad I surely can’t throw any stones about how long it takes to finish a project! Haha ;op

    *pooh* @ needles
    But yeah on 2 circs…now to just get you to ML socks!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. The scarves are lovely. I rarely knit scarves. They take so long…
    I thought Magic Loop was easy to learn but I had seen someone doing it and it really clicked for me once I saw how it was done.

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