Ahhhh and UGH!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!! Ours was very nice.  But i am glad it’s all over. No baking to worry about, no more shopping, no more parties, Just back to normal life and some knitting! I have missed my knitting. i did make a scarf for Little Man but the little scarf took me 13 days to make, a picture next time i haven’t taken any yet.

It’s just good to be back to some kind of relaxed normalcy.

But…Little Man has been a terror the past week or so. Tantrums, crying and Oh THE NOT LISTENING!!!  i know, i know this is what toddlers do. But boy is it frustrating. I just want to SCREAM!  It seems to get worse not better-i hope this phase ends soon.

I need to relax and just not think about it-i am off to learn knitting a sock on 2 circular needles.


2 thoughts on “Ahhhh and UGH!!!

  1. I didn’t care for a sock on 2 circular needles but I did like magic loop. Let us know what you think.
    The toddler thing does get easier but with the holidays and the craziness it’s all the worse for a bit.

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