Stash and Projects

Stash and Projects, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

We have yarn, yarn and more yarn-Oh i didnt want to stop-and it was all on sale yarn-CHEAP!! LOVE IT! Sock yarn will obviously be socks but the other yarn was bought purely because the power of the yarn overtook me. I could not say no.
My projects are small-Socks, a Bainbridge scarf for me-that i don’t like as much as my grandma’s and it is now just hangin out in my closet :(-Oh well.
Then with leftover sock yarn i made a hat and scarf for my sheep 🙂
Well that’s all i got today-Can you believe i have no project to work on right now-well okay i do have a cardigan that need 4 inches of sleeve and a scarf but i don’t want to work on those at all!!!
Next up-a earflap hat for Lane-his request. Tommorrow i will be winding up yarn by hand-Hmmm i think Santa needs to get me a ball winder. lol 🙂


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