The Trip was great, it was so great to be back to the city i was born in and spent my summers.  It was great to show my husband the things i had told him about. It was great being together as a family. It was great seeing my family that is still over there.

The plane ride there was a bit bumpy for my tastes but Little Man did great and loved the whole thing.  He only slept for about 5 mins though.  When we got there our suitcase was the FIRST off the plane so we ran to the train station and were able to get on the early train rather that the one that left 2 hours later!!  YAY!  Little Man crashed on the train and when we got to Augsburg-he was really hard to wake up.

The first few days we took in kind of easy and went around Augsburg.  Showed hubby the sites and the food market where you can get fresh veggies, fish and meat everyday but sunday.  He loved that!!! Then we took him to Munich and other cities close-by. My grandma and her friend took Hubby to the mountains one day while me and Little Man had a  shopping and playground day.

We did lots of walking, Saw lots of churches, Did some shopping and just enjoyed everything.  Hubby took lots of pictures and i am having some trouble loading them onto WordPress so i put the highlights on Flickr, there are just to many to put all of them on.   He said is favorite part was just seeing how other people lived and trying all the new things over there.

Just a little side note when you are going thru the pictures of Augsburg-the city is over 2000 years old and was founded by the Romans.  So the pics of the city wall are very old!!!  There is even an apartment building right by grandma’s house that has a cannonball in it from the 30 years war-and i totally forgot to get a picture of it, even though i walked by that almost twice a day!!

Overall the trip was great, Little Man did great on the planes and trains and just being on vacation.  he liked his Elliott Dragons! They still haven’t been named and once they have became worms instead of dragons-which i guess i can kind of understand since they are just tube shaped-like a worm hahaha.

I did get some yarn while i was over there 🙂 🙂 and I finished my 2 projects that i took with me and even a small third project.  Pictures of those in tomorrow’s post-i still haven’t taken the yarn out of their bags to organize them and the socks have to be washed cause i wore them on the flight home 🙂

I am happy to be home though and off those stupid planes. 

My goals for today-well my post is done, and i did the dishes this morning but still have dinner, laundry and tree and all i want to do is stay curled up with my  kitty Max, computer, blanket and tea 🙂  But off i go!

Here is a small Christmas-y note to end on-Little Man got his tree decorated last night 🙂



3 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. AAh you did have a FAB trip! WOW!
    I have to run over and look at your Flickr pics!

    Little man did excellent and so glad he loved his “worms” Haha! Cute Xmas pic of him too! :o)

    Get some rest!! The laundry is not going anywhere….well just grow..but not going anywhere! Hah!

    Can’t wait to see your F.O.s!!!! Told you two projects were good AND you did a 3rd one too! Wow!

    Show your loot! :oD

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Thank you very much for the postcard, I wished I had your family’s German address and send you one but it probably wouldn’t catch you there, so I figured it another way. ^^
    I understand your husband’s approach – when I’m abroad everything is so foreign – people, buildings, food, and I also like to observe everything and try all the new things to see how they are different from the ones at home! *^v^*
    Now, let’s see those knitting projects, shall we? ^^

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