Awww Thanx : ) i am glad to be home!

I am still playing catch-up around the house, i put up the Christmas tree and tomorrow it will be decorated.  Picked up and went through all my mail. Unpacked suitcases early this morning and realized i have lots of laundry to do even though i was hoping i would be able to put it off until the weekend.  i have bills to pay, a dishwasher to empty and load, groceries to buy-and just Reality to get back into. I was spoiled while i was visiting grandma and now i want to do nothing.

Tomorrow’s goals-my post that i said i would be writing today, a finished tree and starting my laundry-UGH!!!!!

Something to look forward to knitting-wise: during my internet catch-up i came across this on Knitty, Eeeeeee I am so making this!!! My knitted babe fairy needs a friend.

Good Night!


2 thoughts on “:)

  1. Ooh the angel is so you!

    And I agree with Karen, catching up is rough! Heck I am still catching up on blogs nad I have been here! LOL

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