Another Quickie

Thanx for all the nice comments on my dragon puppets! i can’t wait to give them to Little Man on the plane. 

How was everybody’s Thanksgiving? Ours was nice, i slept in a little and then we headed over to my In-laws and had a nice relaxing, yummy and fun day. She even pulled out my sister-in-law’s old tote of barbies and we played with Little Man and i brushed out their knotty hair and changed the clothes they had been in for who knows how long. Little man liked having the barbies (played by Grandma and I) dance with Mickey Mouse. It was really cute.

DoubleKnit Washcloth, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Yesterday i also started a washcloth for my Grandma, She likes it to be Stockinette for the most part because the bumps on garter stitch bother her. In the past i have made her the flower washcloth from Weekend Knitting (links to amazon and if you check out the customer images they have some flower washclothes pictured). But i wanted to maker her something different so after alot of thinking i decided to make a washcloth using Double Knitting (scroll about 3/4 the way down), that way it’s all Stockinette (besides the border) and like a mitt. I am so happy with how it turned out! It is perfect for her!
I used Lily’s Sugar’n Cream Cotton, size 7 circular needles (you could use straight too) and i had it finished this afternoon so it’s a quick knit.
I think i might still make her a flower since she does like them and that could be my last knit before we fly off. I am still debating if i should take a knitting project wit me? And if i do What should i take? Any ideas? i am also worried i will end up with the one security person that says “Nope you can’t have those needles”. So any ideas?
I still can’t believe in just a few days i will be back home, well my summer home. My hubby didn’t like when i called Germany my home the other day. He said where we are now is my home, i was never trying to imply that it wasn’t. But to me where you were born (which i was born there) or where you have family and have spent a lot of time(also describes me) can also be your Home. But he didn’t agree or understand that. Oh well we all have our different views. Either way we are all excited.

Have a nice Friday night!

2 thoughts on “Another Quickie

  1. OOh what a nice and peaceful holiday!

    Double knitting! Wow! I like the washcloth mitt!

    And the flower washcloth has been waaay down my knit wishlist too! :op Haha!

    I would say take 2 projects with you. A quick one (or 2 :op) and project that takes more time!
    And you should be fine with your needles if you have Denise! They are airport safe!

  2. Your grandmother will love her washcloth.
    I think it is possible to consider 2 places home and usually it has more to do with the people than the actual location.
    For the plane take some plain stockinette socks. They are nice when you are itching for something to knit but mindless enough to put down whenever necessary.
    If you are concerned about your needles bring an envelope with more postage than you need and if anyone says you can’t take the needles mail them to yourself.

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