Weekend Review

clothespin dolls, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

I went outside to do garbage-Brrr it’s cold outside!!!!! Makes me glad i stayed in all day.

Saturday i slept in and got some extra rest. That felt good. Took back the movies back that we had from our movie date last weekend and then some more rest and board games in bed with Little Man. He is so good to me 🙂
i was way behind on laundry from a past cold so i cought up on that.
I also worked on Elliot the Dragon and just as i was fitting his red mouth in-i realized it turned out smaller than my mouth opening. Ugh! and i was hoping i would have my first one done. No Biggie! New mouth pieces tonight and i already started the second puppet.

Today i got some more stuff around the house done, getting the house ready before we leave, i don’t like to leave stuff for the last minute and i stil have a lot to do and it just seems like my To Do List is growing and not shrinking.
But there was some fun too. Little Man and I made some friends today 🙂 His are on top, he asked that i do the happy faces for him) . We just used washable paints. i have two naked ones because after he was done i fooled around with some permanent markers just to compare how they worked. They bled in the wood a little-so the man has fuzzy eyes. haha. i think the naked ones are going to get fabric clothes. So cute and fun. I still have tons more clothespins left so we will make more again 🙂
I have a Dragon that needs a mouth, off to go knit
Have a Good Night and Day!


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