Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you guys.  Thank you for your great ideas on what to do with my Cardigan.  I haven’t decided yet which one i am going to do.  I like Joanna’s idea to just finish my sleeve off in stripping, it will give it a interesting look and it is also the least about of extra work-no frogging or anything 🙂 i can just keep going and be done 🙂

Stacey and my Mom want me to just get over it(my mom’s words not stacey’s lol)  and do 3/4 sleeves, before i could decide if i would want that-i need to try it on again.  I think 3/4 sleeves would look better on a tighter cardigan and i think mine is a bit loose BUT i still have to try it on and see what kind of fit i have. My mom also thought small ruffles would look cute on the sleeves and i like that idea 🙂 

So much to think about, so i started a new project.  How is that for avoidance?  I am making Elliot the Dragon(scroll down until a little before the middle of page) as a surprise for Little Man.  i am going to give it to him on the plane.  I thought it would be a fun surprise.  It is the same colors as in the picture but i am using leftover Caron Simply Soft.  If there is time i might make a second one in orange and yellow.  They can be friends and i know i will have to play too so then we both have a puppet 🙂

In case your wondering about the Sorry- I have been sick again!!!!! So today i went to the Doctor.  She said by just looking at me there is nothing wrong aside from this being my sixth cold. So they took some blood to check if i am missing any vitamins or low blood count or immunity issue. She also told me to make sure i keep taking my vitamins and the extra Vit C, good sleep, maybe some exercise could help.  She should have results by begin of next week.  It sounds bad but i kinda hope something comes up in the blood work because then i can do something to fix it.  I just want to feel like myself again for longer than a few days. 

Anyway thanx again for your input, you guys are the best and had some good ideas 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Hey! I must have missed that but I like the stripped cuffs that could go 1/4 of the way down!! BUT on BOTH sides! ;op Still….froggin involved but not must adjustment. What can I say I like balance!
    BUT I really like the stripped on the cuffs fix!! That would make it pop too! :o)

    I SO do the whole “project avoidance” thing too! Haha! :o)

    Great surprise for little man! It will be too cute!!

    Gish! Your 6th cold?!? I hope they figure out what is wrong too, but I hope it is only something very minor!!

    Get your rest woman!!!

  2. 6th cold!! YIKES! I hope this is the last one. Feel better soon.
    The dragon is so cute. Little Man will love it! It’s a great idea to give it to him on the plane.
    Ruffles would be very nice on the sleeves of your cardgian if you decide to go with 3/4 length.

  3. I really like the idea of the ruffles, too, although I think it might work better with a thinner Spring sweater, I’m not sure how thick your yarn for this one was.
    Darling, are you ill again? Maybe it’s time to try some unconventional medicine, like e.g. homeopathy, it worked for me! Plus a lot of rest, sleep, vitamins and a skein of new yarn, or two, it definitely helps! *^v^* Keep warm!

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