Friends i need your help!

😦, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

So, the carigan i have been avoiding…here it is. I cranked out the rest of the right sleeve yesterday and today started the left. I would have been done tonight. i woudl have conquered my avoidance and had an FO.
But do you see that tail of yarn by my needles…that’s all i have left.
I don’t know what to do now.
The yarn was passed on to me a year ago by hubby’s grandma and i don’t know how long before that she had it-so i can’t just go to the store and get more.
of course this would happen, after all the avoiding and wondering if i really like it that much. Now i want to be done and i have no yarn, and i don’t want this as a 3/4 sleeve cardigan-yeah i know-i am a pain in my own butt lol
i do have some of the yarn left over from the stripes but i wasn’t sure how it would look to put that on the cuffs.
What should i do?


4 thoughts on “Friends i need your help!

  1. This may sound revolutionary but that’s what I would do: finish this ONE cuff with the yarn from the stripes. Yes, only this one, leave the other one black. It would create a new interesting design of the cardigan!

  2. arrrggghhh, my aolmac did not let me post!! i had to switch to safari.
    Anyway, I totally side with Stacey – just get over it and do the 3/4 sleeves. Possibly with a short pink or lavendar (prefer) ruffle at the ends. That would be the most elegant solution. Aside from that, mayyyybe the sleeve cuffs in lavendar.
    Best yet – make the 3/4 sleeves with ruffles as above and since you don’t like 3/4 sleeves, i will humble myself for you instead and wear it ;). Ha! definitely best solution!!!

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