Weekend of Fun

Little Man spent Friday night at his grandparents so i had the morning to spend with hubby 😉 and we went out to lunch at a really nice restaurant with delish food.
After Little Man’s nap, he and i started our chocolate cookies. I am a pro at those, so i didn’t forget anything 🙂 he helps put everything in the bowl and mixes, i take care of the measuring. Then he spoons the batter and i put it on the cookie sheet-we have a good system. While the cookies were baking, Little Man decorated our pizza.

Then we started the movies. Both movies were of his choice-Robots (which he ended up not really liking-his favorite part was the last scene) and a really cute movie called Little Polar Bear.
I had a great Saturday-a special date with each of my men-what more could you ask for.

I slept in a little and after breakfast we got bundled up and started raking leaves. We do one big rake a season and i always look forward to it. We rake, throw leaves, jump in our piles, rake some more, throw some more and jump some more and then i bag it all… by myself. haha he prefers to put himself in the bag versus the leaves. So he “mowed” and dug while i bagged. I cleaned up a few more things and now i am just relaxing.

Playing in the Leaves, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

A fun and productive weekend…mostly fun 🙂
I haven’t done anything crafty so far this weekend-but i probably will tonight. I have some UFO’s that need to be worked on even though i have been trying to do everything to avoid them. Do you guys ever get a project that you avoid?

 I hope you are all having a good weekend too!
Good Night.


4 thoughts on “Weekend of Fun

  1. What a perfect weekend!!

    LOL @ all the ingredients for cookies.

    I couldn’t tell you the last time I made cookies from scratch!!! Ummm…when I was in home econ class in middle school! LOL

    I “break and bake” all day long!! HAHA!

    Fall is SO here!!

    @ “mission project avoidance” – There is ALWAYS at least one!!!!!!

    Nite nite!!

  2. It sounds like you had a perfect weekend!!
    Project avoidance?? Me? I have a couple in time out but I’m not really avoiding them. One is N’s wallaby. The yarn is scratchy and I am so not enjoying the knitting. Do you think if I procrastinate long enough he’ll out grow it before it’s done? The other is the sweater I’m knitting for myself. I’m have gauge questions. I plan to block the sleeve (it’s about 1/3 done) and check the gauge but I fear it will be way too small… Maybe I am avoiding them…

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