Little man and his vest

little man in his vest, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

What!!? and early post today 🙂 🙂

It’s done! Not done in time for his pictures though. He did wear it to a family party yesterday-so it got shown off to the people who would have gotten pictures anyway.

Pattern-My Own YAY!!
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Dk Country Blue and Grey Heather
Needles-Size 8 16in circ needles (i prefer circular over straight)
Dates: Oct. 24-Nov 3, 2007

I totally could have had this done by his pictures but i fell very ill again and as much as you guys are probably tired of hearing about me getting sick for the hundredth time i was tired about whing about it-hence my absence and not getting his vest done in time. That’s in the past and i am happy to report that i am currently feeling the best i have felt in about 4 weeks. And more importantly I love how the vest for my little guy turned out. i am so proud of it and it fits perfectly! As i was working on the front i was a little worried that i had not made it big enough but it came out the perfect size. The stitch pattern i used at the start of each new color adds a nice bit of detail so it wasn’t just color stripes.

I worked the Vest in two pieces mainly because i could carry up the color i wasn’t using on the side and would have less ends to weave in and less to weave in makes a knitter happy 🙂
It was a big hit by those that saw it and it makes him look so grown up. I will make another one for him once this one gets too small. But i think it will last until next Fall and i will plan earlier instead of spur of the moment and have it done in time for pictures.

I can’t believe it’s already November. We will be leaving for Germany in 21 days (Eeeee!!!) and so I started the Bainbridge Scarf for my grandma last night. It is supposed to be a Christmas present but i think i will give it to her when we get there so i can show her how to wear it and so i can see it on her and of course take a picture 🙂
Everything is happening so fast. Wow, i just can’t believe it 21 days. i am excited and nervous and just so many things. The last 2 times i flew i got so anxious that i made myself sick-i am one of those people that when nervous or anxious or stressed it goes straight to my stomach-like hundreds of butterflies and i have no appetite. But this year i have been really trying to prepare myself and just think as relaxed as possible becuase i have a little man that has never flown, a hubby that hasn’t flown since he was 7 and it’s an 8.5 hour flight. i have to be the strong one especially once we get there i am the one that knows german and kinda knows her way around the airport-Once we get in the air i will be fine i just hate the ups and downs and i worry about every little thing. Most Importantly i want my little guy to have a nice flight. But i am excited too. My grandpa and his wife(not my grandma just to clarify lol) and an aunt and a close friend of mine will all be meeting hubby and Little Man for the first time!!! Only my grandma comes here to visit that’s why noone else from my german family has met them yet.
Well Anyway thanx for letting me babble-it feels good to talk to someone when you have thoughts just boiling over in your head.
Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Little man and his vest

  1. What a nice vest you made, great job! It’s a nice feeling when you design something yourself and it turns out to work!
    Don’t worry about talking too much about you being ill, I know the feeling – I’m under the weather very often, too, the slightest breeze can give me a nasty cold and fever at this time of the year, blah… Yeah, it’s already November, I don’t know when the Sept and Oct went, I was so busy I didn’t even have time to think about the snow coming (my usual September thoughts). *^v^*
    Good luck with your flight, I’m scared of planes but the fear somehow passes when I get on board (on th other hand I’ve never been on such a long flight, wow!).
    I’m glad you like my paintings, I truly enjoy making them! =^v^=

  2. First I hope you feel better and don’t worry too much about the flying. Think about how nice it will be to see everyone and how much fun you’ll have! Be sure to bring lots of little toys for the flight and maybe an easy handheld video game. It’s much easier to fly when you have plenty to entertain kids.
    Second Lil Man looks so cute in the vest. It’s really wonderful.

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