Joanna!! and really bad pics :(

First of all excuse the pics-m camera has totally given up, i can’t squeeze anything out of it.  had to use hubby’s laptop camera.

Gosh where do i start.
So about a month ago i mentioned Shrinky Dinks. New friend and fellow blogger, Joanna, said they don’t have those in Poland. OH the Shame!!!! so i asked her if she would be interested in some. She was very happy for the offer and said Yes! we would do a swap.
So the shopping and Fun started. i forgot to take a picture of my pakage but i sent her some goodies, Shrinky Dink being one of them. Can’t tell the rest because she hasn’t gotten her package yet.
BUT TODAY I GOT MINE!! What a wonderful surprise! And She SPOILED ME!!!!

Wrapped up in cool retro paper!


Was all this!!

Presents from Joanna, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

(ETA: click on the pick to go to flickr and see the notes on the items, since the pic does not show it all clearly)

I love all my goodies, i can’t wait to start knitting with the yarn and i have a petal bath planned for this weekend. But the best is yet to come! What? There is better than that? And there is. Joanna is an artist. (Buy here & see on her blog) I have been reading about her work and progress since she started posting about it and have fallen in love with her work. (Can you guess where this is going?) She made a picture just for me!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I LOVE IT!!!!!


It’s called “Knitting Girl” for me a knitting girl 🙂 The other thing i like is the sheet music she used. i’m a big fan of classical music and i used to play the Violin when i was in school. So it combines 2 things in my life! Go buy some of her art-before i buy it all 🙂

Thank You so much Joanna!!! I love everything and i hope that United States Mail will get my package to you quickly!!!

ETA 2: progress on vest.



4 thoughts on “Joanna!! and really bad pics :(

  1. And it was a perfect on-time swap after all, because I got your parcel right this morning! *^v^*
    I love everything which I’m going to elaborate on more on my blog, and the most surprising thing were the Sharpies – I heard about them and read, but never expected to get hold of them! *^v^* Thank you very very much and I’m glad you liked what I sent you, swaps are the coolest things! *^v^*

  2. Very cool package! So glad you were spoiled you deserved it!

    Was those also writst warmers too??

    It is neat to exchange with someone international since they might not have the same things we do. What a treat! Now I gotta go over and look at what goodies you got Joanna!

  3. What a beautiful package you received! What a joy! I too, am a lover of shrinky dinks, but have not been able to find them. (perhaps I should look harder – ha!) Anyhow – beautiful swap items for a wonderful swap!

    Thanks also for the sweet comment on my blog!

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