Remember This?

Change, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

With the current humidity-i can’t get my hair anywhere close to looking this good!!!! EVEN with Humidity cream 😦 i need a stylist lol
Oh well, extra time in in bed, that’s always a plus.

So, some good news. We found a new camera and it’s going to cost 107 dollars 🙂 That makes me happy. But it also means that i can’t start this yet because i am going to have to spend more on yarn then planned. I wasn’t getting guage with the yarn i had originally wanted to use. phooey!

What am i knitting?
My So Called Scarf
A vest that i am designing as i go for Little Man, i really like how it is coming along. My goal is to have it finished by Monday. Little Man is getting pictures done and i would like him to wear some handknit goodness.
Hopefully pictures soon!
Have a great night!

3 thoughts on “Remember This?

  1. I’ve already arranged for a meeting with a hairdresser next Wednesday, I really cannot do anything with my hair right now, they are somehow lifeless and stick to many directions but not the ones I’d like them to be. I am very tempted to cut them really short… *^v^* But I’ll probably stop at your length, we’ll see next week.
    Yikes for the new camera! And good luck with reading the new thick manual, this part is not so nice. ^^

  2. Yeah it has been pretty muggy here too. But thank goodnes for the rain! Finally! Still wasn’t enough for our drought….jeez…with all the fire storms in CA, current floods in NO, and droughts in the south…..what is the world coming too.

    Okay! I just really probably bummed you out! Haha! :op

    Can’t wait to see your design creation for little man! That would be great for his pics!

    YAH! For the new digi cam and soon-to-be pics!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Humidity in October. Who’d have thought it?? Yesterday the view out my window was so fall in New England: wind blowing the trees causing the colorful leaves to float through the air. It was lovely until you stepped outside and began to sweat. This isn’t fall.

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