Calorimetry on, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Yep-i joined the crowd and made one. Started it last night on a whim and finished it today. You can totally knit this in an evening and a quick knit like that makes me very happy.
Pattern:Calorimetry from
Yarn: Gedifra Fashion Stripe (a extra skein my grandma sent from Germany that she had left over)
Needles-Size 8 16 inch Circs
Mods-i have heard that this runs large as written so i cast on 100 sts instead of 120-but i still worked the repeats as written.

Sorry about the crappy pics but they are the only two i could manage to squeeze out. See the slight annoyance on my face-not so nice, i tried to retake with a smile but i am sure you know what happened 🙂 Bzzzpppp!!
I talked to hubby about the camera today and tomorrow he is going to go online and see if there are any good deals-if not we might just take my old advantix film camera on our vacation. Which means the pictures may be few around here but i do not give in easily i will try to squeeze out every last picture my camera has. : D

And you were all so sweet to wish me the best for Little Man and hope i wouldn’t get sick. Inevitably i have the runny nose tonight while Little Man is feeling much better. His cold did not seem that bad though and passed really quickly so i am hoping for the same.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


3 thoughts on “Calorimetry

  1. I really must try this pattern, I’ve seen many beautiful versions, including yours – red and violet, yikes! *^v^* I could really use some head protection in the Autumn, before it’s time to dig out the Winter hat.

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