My Happy Friend


I LOVE HIM!!!!!  He turned out so much better then i thought he would.  i piked out a lot of patterned fabric and i was worried it would look like too much. BUT LOOK AT HIM 🙂 🙂  He is so happy and bright and colorful.  He still needs a control panal but i just don’t know what yet. i want to make my own instead of from the pattern book.  I like the ones in the book but they are just not what i think i want for him.

But he is from Wee Wonderfuls Put-Together Book 2.  I made Spaceboy from there too for Little Man cause he is into space and rocket ships but he never played with it much so i think it will be going in this years pre-christmas donation clean out of his room.  She has other great pattern books and they are great for my sewing spurts 🙂

That’s all i got today but i am workin on trying to finish my cardigan HOPEFULLY some pics by this weekend.

I am going to the book store and Joann’s tomorrow while Little Man is in school-just relaxing for an hour or so until i have to pick him up.  I hope they have the new Interweave Holiday Gifts 2007. I saw it at the book store recently but i wanted to wait to use my coupon at Joann.  A girl’s gotta save money where she can on her Habit. 🙂

Have a great Night, Morning, Afternoon or Evening 😉 depending on when you read this.


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