late, tired and no pics

Well sorry guys but no pics of my super cute robot friend.  I did take some but they turned out super crappy so i will redo tomorrow.  Poor guy-he wanted so badly to show himself to you guys-but his smile his so big he just can’t help but be still be happy. Tomorrow we will try again.

I am posting much later than planned too. I can feel Mr. Sandman calling to me. 

I am happy to say Hubby really liked his socks and they fit Perfect!!  Even though the surprise factor had been ruined he was still really happy that i had made them after i had said many times i would never knit for him again. Thanx for the Anniversary wishes. 

Tommorrow i am going to get a flu shot-i have never had one before and i am still having mixed feelings about getting it.  I grew up in a house where medicine was not used. And i am still like that a lot but i cheat a little and take Nyquil at night, nothing during the day though and honestly half the time i do take something it doesn’t help anyway.  But i guess this year since Aidan is in school i am thinking he got his shot but if he brings it home from school-he will be protected but i won’t and then i will be worthless & suffering in bed LOL i milk it when i get sick-lots of TV and bed.  ANYWAY off topic-i still have mixed feelings but we’ll see what happens. I tend to get a lot of colds in the winter but flu not so much or mild cases.  Something else just came to me-we will be flying to Germany in a month and a half (Eeeeeee! so happy and nervous) and you know airplanes are just super breeding and spreading ground for that stuff-they don’t stop someone from getting on the plane if they are sick. I don’t want to spend what little precious time i will have there being sick-there is so much we want to do and so many people i want to see.  I mean my grandpa over there still hasn’t met Little Man in person. well anyway i am babbling.  i am sure everything will be fine.

So more interesting stuff tomorrow.

Good night. (Good Morning by the time you read this probably 🙂


3 thoughts on “late, tired and no pics

  1. I don’t blame you for being nervous about the flu shot but in the end you’ll be happy you got it. I had the flu last year for the first time in years and it was horrid.
    I’m glad to hear that your husband loved the socks. It’s nearly impossible to surprise the people you live with.

  2. Good evening for me! Haha!

    I have been wiped out too! I think we just need to give our bodies lots of rest!

    Let us know if you decide to get the shot and how you feel afterwards. I heard you actually get sick once you get the shot.

    Wow! Germany!!! I have “yet” to travel international..sigh one day very soon! You just wait!

    So glad hubby’s socks are a perfect fit and he loves them! I wish you two many more joyous years together!!

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