Hubby’s Anniversary Socks

Hubby’s Anniversary Socks, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

WOOHOO finished!!!!
i finished the grafting of the toe last night-knitting was finished on Saturday nite but since hubby had the weekend off i had to little time to knit in secret.
I am really happy with the way these turned out and i hope he likes them and that they fit.
They are a very basic pattern and from what i have seen onine and Ravelry a very popular pattern.
I didn’t have any problems after i restarted with less stitches and got help with the heel.
Knit Notes:
Pattern: Garter Rib Stitch from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn:Louet Gems in Sandalwood-just a tad over 2 skeins for 11 1/4 inches size feet on size 2 needles.
I will let you know how they are received-Tomorrow is Anniversary day-He better like them!!!!!

I started My So Called Scarf and i really like how it’s turning out with the Ironstone yarn.


I finished the sewing my Robot friend but he still needs eyes, mouth and his control panel. i will have a pic tomorrow with eyes and mouth but control panel won’t be done right away. I am not sure what kind of panal i want to give him.

Well, off to write a letter. Wish me luck on how hubby likes the socks and that they fit. (not a big deal if they don’t i can fix BUT i don’t want to lol)
Good night you guys

p.s. thanx for the compliments on my hallowig 🙂


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