Little Man is the Photogenic One

Little Man in Hallowig, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

My Hallowig is all done!!
I made it with Red Heart yarn, followed the pattern and had fun.
Took me about a week but as usual it was one of many projects.
If i made this again i would make the bangs and maybe the hair longer. But i love how it looks on Little Man 🙂


I have all my robot pieces together and ironed so next is sewing the front and back together.


I made cookies today from a recipe i found on This Blog. They are DELISH!!!!!!!!! i love them!! I insist you guys make them-well okay only if they sound like they might appeal to you as well.

So what’s next? HUBBY”S SOCKS!!! i must finish the rest of the last pair. He has been off since Friday so i haven’t been able to work on them. I must get them done this week. Next tuesday is our Anniversary.
We have some cooler weather coming so i want to finish that cardigan that has been moping in my knitting bag, whispering and wondering when it can come back out and be finished.
Then some scarf knitting for me and grandma and a vest for Little Man. Ohhh there is so much i want to do.
I think i may have found a pattern for my Ironstone yarn. This One.
I might have to cast on a few less sts so i can try and keep the length on my scarf since Ironstone has less yardage then the yarn used in the pattern.
Off to do some sock knitting!!
Good Night Friends!


2 thoughts on “Little Man is the Photogenic One

  1. Oh my gosh!! @ Hallowig Haha!!
    It reminds me of Cleopatra!

    You got a lot you are trying to work on, but don’t we all!! :op
    Sish! Can I get some more time on the weekends! Haha!

    I love that scarf by Sheep in the City!

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