I suck at blog titles

Yeah, i suck at coming up with blog titles, i am used to just writing a date.

Today we had plans to go to the Apple festival and meet my husband’s friends there with their families. We got the the ATM and they called to say they were going home. I guess they thought it was too hot and some other problems not sure what the whole story was.  But we went anyway and had a good time.  Little Man made one of those sand art bottles. We even got it for free because it got messed up a little when the lady got an air pocket in the bottle and then her hubby tried to fix it but he insisted since it got shook up in the progress that we take it for free!!!


It was a  small festival so after we got done it was still early in the afternoon and hubby’s friends hadn’t called us back to say they were home yet so we decided to find a pumpkin patch.  We found one! It had pumpkins as tall as a 3yr old and very wide!! But that was a bit much for us so we just got some of the smaller pumpkins they had and  2 of those little baby ones. Pics will have to wait until they are decorated 🙂 Last year Little Man painted his so we might do that again. Keep ya posted 🙂

On to the yarn i promised. On Friday i went to the LYS to pick up a Fall Interweave Knits for a certain blog friend of mine 🙂 🙂 and i am sure you can all understand that i could not walk out of that yarn store with just a magazine.  I knew i needed a skein of yarn to make this for my grandma for Christmas. I also want for myself so that is another skein of yarn.  i wanted yarn for other things too but it took me forever to pick out what color yarn to use for grandma that i just forgot about the other things.

Cascade 220 for my grandma and i.  Burgundy for her because it goes well with a lot of colors and i am not 100% sure what color her winters coats are.  I love mine, is it also Cascade 220 but its the Heathers and it’s like a dark dark purple with faint Burgundy and dk. pink tones-very hard to capture and sadly there was only one skein of it-i wanted more. well….maybe it was for the best that there was only one skein 🙂

Cascade 220 for grandma   dscf0698.JPG 

THEN-my favorite yarn purchase just for the colors alone. I have NO CLUE what i will do with this but i just had to have it. i only have 2 skeins so probably a scarf a BEAUTIFUL, COLORFUL scarf 🙂 What do you guys think? there are 100 yds per ball and the gauge in the wrapper is 10 sts/3 inches on #11 needles.  It’s called Ironstone yarns if your interested in your own balls of happiness-they aren’t all so bright there are more subdued colors. 😉


Still working on hubbies socks-i actually haven’t touched them since friday but i am on the gusset decreases.

i started a Hallowig-just for fun and i am debating using it for Halloween.  I have become very spoiled this past few months and working with the Red Heart yarn is just not fun-very crunchy. I am used to the soft acrylic yarns or of course some woolly goodness.

My cardigan, which like me you guys have probably forgotten about, is in Hiatus.

Then i have some sewing going on.

Another Purse, all the pieces are cut and ready for the machine.


Then some Hand Sewing from Wee Wonderfuls-she actually uses the machine but with all the turns and little pieces i prefer to hand-sew. So far i have a front and back that look like this-


Whew, i think i got it all! yay!! usually i forget something. Well it’s getting late so i am going to go have a brownie and work on something.

Good Night 🙂


2 thoughts on “I suck at blog titles

  1. A brownie, yeah, that’s a good choice! ^^
    I often look through the balls of yarn like your Ironstone but I’m not sure whether to take them or not… They look so cool while being a yarn ball, but then they sometimes give weird results in the knitted fabric.
    I love your dark red Cascade, yummy! *^v^*
    IK Fall for me, yikes! ^^

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