Just chatting today :)

[Mommy story coming up-scroll down a little if you would rather not read 🙂 ] 

[A note on Our House: We have a bungalow style house with the one big bedroom upstairs and then the other 2 bedrooms are on the main floor]

About a year and a half ago Little Man’s bed was moved from our upstairs bedroom to sleep on his own.   We had no problems with the move but i had a problem sleeping upstairs while he was alone downstairs and it didn’t help that hubby was and is on midnights. So i started sleeping in the craft/guest room next to Little Man’s room.  Once he goes to bed that’s where i spend my time watching tv, knitting, sewing, writing letters and or just surfin the blogs.  i always figured he might hear the tv a little but i never had it blaring.  A few weeks ago i was using the sewing machine and in my attempt not to bother him and muffle the sounds i had closed my door. After a few minutes i heard Little Man start to whimper, then whine then cry louder and louder-but it had a fakeness to it and so i ignored it. Naturally it got louder. Then i heard some noise at the door and he came out.

“Mommy, Mommy, the light” He cried. “I looked under my door and there was no light”

“What, Honey”

“Mommy, the light.” he said full of tears.  It was then that i understood he meant the light from my room. He could see it thru the bottom of his door and by closing my door i had blocked my light.  In all that time i had never realized he had come to depend on my light. My room was his night light.  I was touched that he had found comfort in my light all this time.   Sometimes we parents, especially me, don’t realize the little things that we do on a daily basis can mean so much to a child.

On another topic-Reading. I finished reading Elm Creek Quilts Album (has books 4,5,6 in it) by Jennifer Chiaverini. They are great books!!!! You should really check them out.  i wanted to keep reading and reading. They also make me want to learn to quilt but i just don’t have the patience for that.

well i brought a whole bunch of crafty stuff down with me so i am off to work on it.

Enjoy your weekend and tomorrow new pics of yarn.


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