Did Ya Miss Me?

Buddy Bag, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Wow Guys-it has been awhile. I feel a lot better thank you so much for your well wishes! i have a small cough still and i did pass the cold on to Little Man. i was more physically wiped out from the cold the first few days, Little Man seems to have more cough than me but we are all doing good. yay!!
Little Man started preschool on Tuesday. It was the Open House so i was there too and we got all the rules and got to see how a day would go for the kids. Tomorrow he goes for an hour by himself and then next week he goes for the whole 2 hours by himself. They try to ease the kids into it. i think Little Man will be just fine-he seems to understand that i will have to go and then come back for him but the next 2 classes will show how he does. According to him “I am a Superhero, i can do it all by myself!”
So what have i been up to before and after my cold? Knitting and sewing!!
First-The Buddy Bag that i have at the beginning of the post. it is a cute little backpack for Little Man to take with us when we go shopping or on little trips. It’s the perfect size for a snack and a toy and he always likes to take something or help me so i know he will enjoy it.
I just finished it this afternoon and it wasn’t until i took the pictures and saw them on my computer that i noticed the Bear Finger puppet looks slightly Evil with his red eyes LOL-he really looks much cuter in person. anyway on to the details.


Pattern: Buddy Bag from AnnyPurls
Yarn: Bernat Satin-i bought the Dk. Blue, Lt. Blue and White. I used leftovers for the green on the boat and brown for the bear.
It took me about a week and a half to make this but it goes very quick and i am sure it could be done quicker if it was the only project you worked on and didn’t get sick πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Overall it is a fun and easy pattern. I did make the bag a little wider by adding 20 more sts. Other than that all is as written. I also still need to line the inside of the bag-probably tomorrow or Friday.

Next is hubby’s anniversary socks-i have one done and starting the heel on the second one. Our Anniversary is the 16th so i am on schedule. With Little Man in school i can use the extra time to work on the socks, maybe at the coffee shop unless Hubby is awake then i will come home and hang out with him. BUT we have a slight disappointment-he found out about them 😦 😦 i was so bummed!! it happened while i was on Ravelry and i had my projects screen up-he snuck up behind me to tickle me and saw them (he saw just the cuff picture so he doesn’t know how far i am and i dont think he knows they are for our anniversary) but i was so mad and bummed. He is super hard to surprise and i knew this would surprise him since i have been so adamant in the past that i will not knit him anything!! Oh well i hope he will still be excited when he gets them. He felt bad about it and tried to tell me he forgot all about them and knew nothing. We all know that’s not true πŸ™‚


Your probably like “Okay i thought there was some sewing.’ There was!! i made a purse!!!


i love my purse and already have fabric cut for the next one. Even though i have lots of buttons-none were large enough so must go to the craft store. The pattern is from here. I got the fabric 3 years ago when i had my grandma make me a knitting tote and needle roll. We really bought a lot of fabric-so lots left over. I am not complaining means i didn’t have to buy any. I love that fabric!!!
The bag came out great-there are some sewing blunders hidden in it but i am really happy with how it turned out. I love the different colors on the inside.Β  Alternating Color pockets. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Β dscf0694.JPG

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!
So i am better, i have been productive and i hope to be back to some regular posting!


3 thoughts on “Did Ya Miss Me?

  1. You are so lucky with your son’s attitude towards the preschool! When I was a child, and was taken to preschool on the first day I cried for several hours until my parents came and took me home… *^v^* Then of course I understood that it’s only for a short time and they WOULD take me home in the afternoon, but I wasn’t bothered with the rest of the kids and just spend my time sitting in the corner and drawing, well… *^v^*
    You made a very cute backpack and yes, the bar looks a bit evil, that’s funny! ^^ And the purse – I love the outer fabric and the way the lining is two toned, great job!

  2. WOW! You’ve been busy and had a cold. I don’t know how you got it all done!
    The Buddy Bag is so cute. Little Man must love it. The socks for your husband are coming out great. Your new purse is wonderful. The colors are beautiful and I love the way you did the lining.

  3. Why YES I did miss ya!!! But I knew you were over there getting better! :o)

    CUTE bag!! Haha! Just love it for Little Man!

    VERY nice anniversary socks! Well look at it this way the gift hadn’t been reveal completely! So are still good to go! Unless you already spilled the cookies it was for him??

    Okay I didn’t know you could sew woman!

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