Close to an FO

Pinwheel Purse-almost done, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

See i am doing some knitting 🙂
Last 3 triangles- Check
Weaving in ends-Check
Button and Button Loop-Check
Handles-workin on those-i need two 24 inch strands of I-cord. i have about 3 inches of one. I-cord goes pretty fast though.
I am thinking about putting a liner in the bag sometime in the future. I am hoping maybe that will make it more useable. I am more of a big bag person so this will be reserved foe those special “i just need a few things” kind of outings. I really want to make it though-i just loved how it looked it in the book. i was a bit concerned while i was working on it but now that it is all seamed up -i really like how it looks!
Well off to I-cord.
Have a good night everyone.


2 thoughts on “Close to an FO

  1. Your purse looks interesting. I really cannot see myself carrying a small bag… I always take so much stuff with me that my totes burst out! *^v^*
    I believe I finally figured out the design of my Mystery Sweater, so stay tuned! ^^

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