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The back is kinda hard to see-we don’t have a lot of light in the basement and hubby was sleeping. 

I got my hair cut. i did a little more than the healthy trim that Stacey said i should get when i voiced concerns to her about chopping my hair but i love how it turned out. The lady that cut my hair really listened to me and actually gave her opinion and said “We can do that but with your face shape we should do this and this” NO ONE has ever done that for me. They usually just do what i say, which is good but at the same time i would really appreciate if they would tell me if something would look better. So i am very happy that i cut my hair.
Anyway-your here for crafty stuff 🙂 I haven’t been writing-well because i haven’t had much to write about 🙂

Hubby’s Anniverary socks: i turned the heel on the first sock. I had some problems at first but things are going good now. I am making him the Garter Rib Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks. i cast on 80 sts and after doing about an inch of the 2×2 rib the socked seemed huge when i stretched it out. so i ripped and started over with 72 sts. Then i got to the heel and was so confused by the directions-written much to complicated for me-Luckily i had some help from a fellow Raveler. And after looking around on Ravelry i also noticed other comments that the Sensational Knitted Sock books dont consider negative ease and thats why my first attempt with 80 sts seemed so big. I Love Ravelry!
My Cardigan: moving along slowly-it takes me so long to do a row-but i only have to do 8 more rows and then i will be able to seperate the sleeves from the body and it should move along much faster.
Pinwheel Purse: 3 more triangles to go, seaming and the i-cord handle. I have a little bit more drive to finish it because i need the needles to start another project.
Gosh other than that i got nothing to talk about.
i have been thinking about some how rearranging in my craft/guest room-i also have some smaller quilts my grandma made i want to hang on the walls but i am not sure how i am going to hang them-Hmmmm so much to think about.
Well i hope you are all having a good weekend!


3 thoughts on “Change

  1. Your hair looks nice, good that somebody actually advised you on the shape and style, not many hair stylists do that and then we wonder what’s wrong with our look… ^^ I also hate when they give you the hairdo that looks great while leaving the salon and then after the first washing it looks like a mess… Good cut and practicality, that’s what I’m saying!
    It seems that you’ve been working on your knitting quite a lot, but there is always that moment when there is a lot going on behind the scenes and not much to show. Looking forward to the photos of the finished items! *^v^*

  2. I LOVE your hair!! It looks great!! Perfect length! :oD

    And yes Ravelry is the best research tool for knitters ever!! Haha!! I love it too!! I always consult there now before I start a pattern and I love how knitters will e-mail you back if you have questions!! Just love it too!

    OOh can’t wait to see the purse and you will zoom thru the cardi soon!

    Glad you are lovin’ your very healthy trim! ;o)

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