Monkey’s Done

Monkey’s Done, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Yay! i love how these turned out! They knit up fast too, i can see why so many have found this to be an addicting pattern. I of course took my time with them BUT had i focused on them i would have been done much faster.
Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A., free on
For: Me
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multieffekt
Dates:Aug. 15 -Aug. 31, 2007
Notes: Folowed pattern as written

This has been kind of a lame week so i chose not to write.
What’s next? Well i am working on a really basic cardigan for around the house with some Cascade 220 that was in my stash.
I am also going to start some socks for Hubby for our Anniversary in October. He has been bugging me for some for quite some time and i refused after he requested a scarf and hat in colors that he picked himself at the store and then never wore the stuff unless i said HEY put this on. So the scarf got regifted-it was only worn once and the hat was given to charity. For a year i have said NO i am never knitting you anything again but honestly i have no idea what else to get him that doesn’t cost way too much money. And there is nothing cheap that he would like or get use out of-YES i have one of those kinds of hubbies. So i am giving in and making him socks and i am even contemplating making him a sweater for Christmas-I have no idea what i am thinking. That is still a big maybe though. Depends on how the socks get recieved LOL. Anyway the sweater is in the Fall Interweave Knits by Brooklyntweed. This one here. i just hate to make it and have it just hang there–There is always charity or regifting again isn’t there–We’ll see-it’s a big decision and i still have some time. What do you think i should do?
Anyway, Cardigan and Socks are what i will be working on for the next few weeks. I will have to start coming up with stories or something to entertain you guys? If there is anything you were wondering about me then ask and i will answer your questions in a post 🙂
Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


3 thoughts on “Monkey’s Done

  1. Your monkey socks are beautiful! If I had to limit myself to one pattern it would be that one or maybe the Dublin Bay pattern.
    I don’t knit for my husband. I did but he didn’t wear what I knit. First I knit a gray cardigan. It sat in the closet for years before I donated it to charity. Then I knit him a pair of socks. He wore them a few times but only to bed. He said they were too hot. Your huband may like the socks. They are such an indulgence. Did you see the ones the Yarn Harlot just knit for her husband? They are so nice and manly too. She has the pattern on her blog.
    As for what to write on your blog, write anything. I love the day to day real life posts that people write. Talk about your son and the funny things kids say and do. Complain about grocery shopping. Share a delicious recipe. It’s all good.

  2. Great socks! I love the variety of the colours.
    I’ll be knitting my husband a sweater, too, some time in October, but he refuses to have anything fancy, only plain stockinette or 1×1 rib black turtleneck, it may take me some time to finish it, since I’ll be probably dosing off over it because of the complexity of the pattern, well… *^v^* The one you chose is really interesting, I like the textured yoke.

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