MS3 blocking, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Free of knitting on the Mystery Stole! It is blocking but i have a feeling i will have to block it again. This is my first time ever blocking lace or anything of this size. i don’t think i stretched it enough lengthwise. I felt like i with every readjustment i would make it would make it worse and find spots that needed to be stretched more.
I love it though. i am not sure how much use it will get but i am so proud of my first lace pattern with lace yarn. It was a great pattern and i had a lot of fun watching it unfold and having no idea what the end result would be. i do have to admit the last 2 weeks really went slow. i wanted so badly to just push the stole aside and not work on it for a long time LOL. I am glad i kept with it because who knows how long it might have been on the back burner.
So just to summarize again-It was Mystery Stole 3
Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow in Grape Jelly from the stash.
i did do the stole with beads. nothing special just some clear an shiny beads from th local craft store.
Now time to start the second Monkey and swatching for a top-down cardigan using this pattern. i need something just easy to work on for a little bit. And my Omi requested another washcloth so i need to start that too!
If that’s not enough, i finally bought some cream colored fabric that i will use to practice some embroidery stitches on and turn it into a booklet of the the stitches as i learn them. 
Happy Thursday!

3 thoughts on “I AM FREE

  1. Your stole is beautiful!! You must be thrilled with it. Blocking doesn’t look like it was too difficult at all particularly with your assistant to help you;)

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