knittin and bein lazy

i have been working on the mystery stole, i have about 5 more rows to go and then i will BE FREE lol. I am hoping that those will be done tomorrow and i will start blocking it on friday or maybe if i am lucky tomorrow.

Over the weekend we had a lot of wind and cooler weather. Nice but the wind wreaked Havoc! on my allergies. i was pretty useless, and did nothing besides sneeze, blow my nose and lay on the couch with a pathetic look on my face.  I feel a lot better. I have allergies from April to Sept./Oct. but i have periods that are really bad.

I know it’s a bit late but thanx for the input on my socks. I am just going to go with the flow but since i finshed the fisrt sock i haven’t started the second pair. I have wanted to but instead i force myself to work a couple stole rows.

Some pics soon and more to say-i just haven’t done much this week. 🙂

Good Night!


One thought on “knittin and bein lazy

  1. I’m right with you with the allergy thing. I always have a few days in Juky or August, depending on how the weather has been, that leave me a crumpled mess. By the time September arrives I’ll be waiting for that killing frost.
    I can’t wait to see your stole. I’ll be it’s lovely.

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