MS3 Progress Report

A little hard to knit when Max decides he likes your little table with your pattern chart on it. Everytime i leaned back to work on the Wrong Side row he made himself comfy on the pattern. He may have slowed me down last night. . .


But i still got it done.

MS3 Clue 6 finished, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Tomorrow the last clue comes out. I will be so happy when i am done with the Stole-Now i have to figure out How and Where i am gonna block this baby!

2 thoughts on “MS3 Progress Report

  1. My thoughts exactly! Where and how to block this thing, being so asymmetrical. I think I may eventually go the the hardware store to buy a coated wire. ^^ Your stole looks fantastic, which cannot be told about mine, but I really want to finish the peplum of the Purple Belle this week, first! *^v^* Next week I’m concentrating on MS3! And your choice of colour is so me this Autumn!
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my journal, I’ve never felt too sure with colour painting and I’m learning now what to do with the watercolours! ^^

  2. Maybe you could block each half kind as if it wasn’t attached by putting a row of pins where the wing attaches. As long as you get the same tension/stretch it might work;)
    Max is a handsome kitty and makes a great assistant.

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