For Lack Of…

Well since i have no pictures and no mental energy to try and write a post i decided to do this meme that i have seen on a couple blogs.

4. Love it! This is my thing.
Knitting, baking, making friendship bracelets, reading, collecting stickers and postcards, listening to music and pretending i am a good dancer and singer LOL, doodling with markers and colored pencils,

3. I do or have dabbled in it.
 Crochet, cross-stitch, beading, origami, sewing, writing poetry,  making beads and couple smaller animals with polymer clay,

2. I’ll give it a try.
 Embroidery, tatting, macramé, shibori, wire knitting, quilting, pottery, design my own knitted sweater/cardigan, make my own jelly/jam, dye some yarn, making a artist trading card,  more advanced beading,

1. I’ve got absolutely no interest.
Wood stuff, Flower arranging, having a garden (i like my 3 worry-free plants that i do have and don’t want more-besides i am a notorious plant killer), spinning (has no appeal to me right now-looks hard but i reserve the right to change my mind on this one)

Well, that’s all i got right now.  What about you guys?

And hopefully some project updates tomorrow and a finished picture of my hubby’s bracelet that i finished yesterday-I already started a bracelet for my Little Man 🙂

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