Another Clue Down…

Mystery Stole Clue 5, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Two more to go, I think. This part was fine-i kinda missed having the center stitch to know where i was and help me figure out if i was on the right track. Instead i kept track by putting a stitch marker at the beginning and end of the repeated section and that really helped. I liked this pattern because it was also pretty easy to tell when you messed up. The double decreases and yarnovers made lines so you could tell from the row below if you were off. I only missed one yarnover in this section. Don’t get me wrong there were other flubs but i caught them before i had moved on to the next row.
I am glad i finished this during Little Man’s nap so i can work on my Monkey’s tonight.
I know i really should be working on my Pinwheel Purse but i just haven’t been drawn to that project at all. I might at least try to finish my last triangle tonight so that way the back piece is done.

I have decided that i really need to try and eat better and work on my weight. Every night for the past few weeks i have been laying Little Man down and just chowing on all the junk that i won’t let him eat. (hypocrite, i know) i just crave sweets. I have to have chocolate or cake or ice cream. I haven’t put on any weight but i just know that eating late at night is not good for my body and of course isn’t helping me lose the original weight i have been wanting to lose since Little Man was born. I want to try and eat more veggies and satisfy my sweet cravings with fruit or a teeny treat. I love to bake but most of the time i am the one that eats the whole cake over a week because hubby is more of a salty snacker. So i am going to freeze half or more of the cake so that way there isn’t any out to tempt me. Smaller Portions of course. Anyone have any other tips or ideas? Understand this isn’t just a vanity thing (yes i am admiting it’s part vanity) but it is for overall better body health. i am still doing a lot of investigating and finding some recipes that will benefit the whole family not just me. Now just to let you know i hate anything from the water so that can make this a bit tricky. I know fish and such is supposed to be great for your health but i just can’t do it-i have tried. So i am sorry if you were gonna say “Eat Fish” that just won’t work for me. I really just want this to be a nice laid back, baby steps kind of thing. Explore what works for me.
Well now that i have bored you with my eating plans i guess i will end and go knit some Monkey’s. Knitting burns calories 🙂 Just Playing, I am not anywhere near obsessive lke that.
Have a great night you guys!! Thanx for “listening.”

P.s.  Karen asked me about my yarn for the Monkey’s so i figured i better put it on here. I didn’t even think to yesterday.  It’s Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Multieffekt # 3124.(Karen i didn’t tell you the 100 because there is no 100 on my label but i guss that’s how they refer to it) It’s supposed to be one of those yarns that look like Fair Isle but aren’t. My Omi sent it to me from Germany before i was really into knitting socks.

I don’t think they make the color anymore i am having trouble finding it but i found some pics of finished socks here ( scroll down until you see Nr. 3124-not far) and here ( i love how the yarn looks on these socks-what a great pattern) 

Okay I’m going for real this time 🙂

2 thoughts on “Another Clue Down…

  1. The latest section of your stole is lovely.
    At the end of last summer my husband and I started walking an hour every evening and eating better. Some of it has stuck for nearly the year. We’ve gone back to some bad habits though and plan to get back on track in a week or so, once my daughter goes to school. Good luck. It’s so hard but what worked best for me is if I don’t have it in the house I don’t eat it. Easier said than done.

  2. I have a lot of chicken recipes if you want some. I don’t know how healthy they are, but chicken is healthy, isn’t it?

    Sorry, you didn’t actually think I could provide healthy eating tips, did you?? 🙂 But let me know if you come across anything good.

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