I gave in…

I gave in…, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

I am knitting Monkey’s.
Other than that i am still chuggin away on Mystery Stole Clue 5. I am not sure what it is but i am not moving along as quickly on this clue as i would like. i do about 5 rows and then i want to quit and do something else but i force myself to do more. I still have 15 more rows to go. i think i am getting burnt out. LOL It’s just that usually when i have a bigger project on the needles i take breaks and work on something on the side. I know i could with this too but i set myself a goal of getting the clues done each week and i really want to stick with it!
i played a lot of cars today with Little Man, got some laundry done and organized my bookshelf. Cars was the most fun 🙂 I was playing with a Police Car and Little Man was a race car and i pulled him over for speeding and gave him a ticket. WELL, he liked that game so much that we had to keep doing it and i was getting tired of it so i started to drive away and his car yells at me “Wait! Come Back! I need a ticket i am going to fast” 🙂 🙂
Love that boy!

Good Night you guys 🙂

2 thoughts on “I gave in…

  1. Well, you’re still in a far better position than I am with my MS3… I’m still at the second page of clue 4 and maybe, MAYBE, I’ll manage to knit several rows today (but there is so much to do before the weekend feast, and I got distracted by Purple Beauty and my journal… ^^). At least it’s raining today so I won’t go out to suntan, and when you sit the the porch you can concentrate on shawl knitting! *^v^* Nice colourway on your socks! Don’t feel guilty, we all need some change. ^^

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