I GOT MY SOCK PAL PACKAGE TODAY!!!  I bet everyone says this about their sock pal but i mean it-My pal totally rocks and she made me the most awesome socks ever!!!!!! i am so madly in love with the socks!!!! i wish it wasn’t 90 degrees so i could wear them.  They are so me and so perfect and i just can’t say enough about how great they are-so i will let the pictures speak for themselves!!!  Thank You so much, Karen!!!!

First the before picture-did you think you would get to see the goods right away?


Then the unwrapped picture-


( little man is in mid-cheese-i was trying to avoid a funny face and instead i got a face that looks like he is crying)

Now as far as i know i never mentioned candy in any email or post and yet she managed to get me my favorite suckers-Tootsie Roll Pops and Jelly Belly’s, which i take from Little Man after Halloween 🙂 i know what a greedy mom i am.  🙂 I got a Memo Pad w/ a magnet and pen and some great stitch markers.  i like how one has lighter color accent beads and the other ones all have black accent beads-so you can use the lighter one to show beginning of the row 🙂 There was also some wool wash for my socks. She even included 2 gifts for Little Man that her son helped pick out 🙂 That was so incredibly sweet and he loved them. Little Man wasted no time in naming the bear Freddy and he is sitting next to me coloring in his Cars coloring book.  Funny thing-He watched that movie this morning(not his first time either). Please thank N from Little Man! He did a great job helping you.  And do you see that green and purple in the middle left=



My Totally awesome socks-that are in my favorite colors and fit PERFECTLY!


I really like the touch of lace on the side 🙂

Thank You so much Karen! i am so glad i did join Sockapalooza 4 and i am the luckiest Sock Pal  🙂 I love everything! Especially the socks! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You a Million times over!!



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