Saturday Update with some bad pics

On Thursday i said i would post a picture of my sock pal’s package. Here it is:


Her socks inside one of those plastic chinese takeout style boxes, some Zinneas, a magnet and a memopad with her initial on it and a storage case with some stitch markers.  I also added a leather bookmark that has a spot for a picture after taking this shot. 

I have one of those storage cases and it is super handy-i have stitch markers, measuring tape, darning needles, fold-up scissors, stitch counter and a crochet hook for dropped stitches in mine. It is so much neater than my makeup case that i was using before so i thought maybe my pal might like it too for this or some other storage 🙂  I hope she likes her package, most of all her socks and that they fit properly!

Today has been a pretty laid back day. I even slept in a little, that was nice.  Before lunch i finally(!!!) started a friendship bracelet from the Japanese Book i ordered a few weeks ago, Misanga Promise Ring.  It was a bit tricky at first and i am still getting used to the knotting that they do.  It’s basically backwards to what i learned when i was a little girl but it makes a beautiful pattern on the front and back so it doesn’t matter which way you wear it and i really like that.  I also love learning something new and it has been fun so far. I had a bit of trouble photographing my progress but i hope you can kinda get the idea.


I also worked on my Stole last night an today during Little Man’s nap. I finished up chart G and only had to back track one time because i forgot a yarn-over on row 47. So thing’s are going along pretty well.


You really can’t see much detail-i didn’t put a lot of effort into taking the picture but i felt like taking one to post 🙂

It’s almost ice cream time-Yum 🙂 Hope you all are having a good Saturday!

p.s. If you have a Meijer grocery store in your area you should try the Meijer brand Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream-It’s really yummy 😉

I have been really wanting to bake something lately. I don’t bake as much in the summer because with the oven on my kitchen is 100 degrees but tomorrow i am going to make my grandma’s apple cake but with pears. Hope it’s good with pears i have mostly made it with  apples and one time I tried necterines but hubby didn’t like that one as much as i did.  I’ll let you all know how it turned out and take a picture too!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Update with some bad pics

  1. Your pal will be thrilled with the socks and gifts!
    Your stole is looking great! I have had to put mine away. There is no quiet time to knit complicated knitting right now…

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