“Extra Time” HAH!

Me, My Dad and Little Man, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Remember how i wanted to use that “extra time” during the week to work on other projects? Well-didn’t happen.
I got 2 rows worked on my Pinwheel Purse and no bracelet started.
Instead i cleaned my room, played on the computer, ate junk food while watching TV, packaged my sock pal’s goodies and the sqaures with a few other knitted items for the Greensburg Project.
Yeah, i did get some stuff accomplished but not what i had hoped.

After all the careful packing and planning last night-i didn’t get to mail the packages today 😦 I spent my morning loading and unloading my mom’s van of blocks and other items. I got home had lunch and layed on the couch and did not want to get up again 🙂 Of Course I did get up again but just not to go to the post office-SO it has been delayed until tomorrow.

Since i had no progress to show i decided to post a random picture. The picture is of Me, My Dad and Little Man. The picture was taken during the last week of June when my dad came up to visit for a week. I always tease my dad and ask him why he couldn’t pass on some of nice tan Hispanic skin to me-I am so pale next to him 🙂

Tomorrow we get clue 5 for the Mystery Stole and honestly i am looking forward to this being done. There is so much other stuff i want to start knitting and with this going on and my goal of wanting to finish the current goal before the next one comes out it makes starting or working on other projects a little bit difficult. I have a hard time with having to many projects on the needles. Makes me a little crazy. 🙂 teehee!

Tomorrow i will post a picture of my sock pal’s package.
Good Night Everyone!

One thought on ““Extra Time” HAH!

  1. The photo of you, your Dad and little man is great!
    I never get as much done as I hope. I’ve been trying to use my son’s naptime to knit the stole but I haven’t knit a stitch on it all week. Of course he didn’t nap the last 2 days.
    Your package goes in the mail today. My husband is mailing it. It’s going priority so hopefully you’ll have it Monday. Tuesday at the latest. I hope the socks fit!!

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