clue 4 completed

clue 4 completed, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Well as you can see i finshed Clue 4 on Sunday night. I am glad i was able to finish it earlier because i wanted a few days where i didn’t have to worry about it and the freedom to work on other things. I can’t believe it is almost done-This Friday we get clue 5, find out what the theme is and why we had to put in the lifeline-All super mysterious-I have no clue what’s going on LOL-i suck at guessing things.

This is also the week we start mailing our Sockapalooza socks. Eeeee! i am nervous about sending my package. But i picked up a couple little things for my pal-just general things that i guess i would think anybody would like because aside from what she wrote about her socks i really didn’t find out that much about her. I really hope she likes her socks and that they fit. Eeeeeee! 🙂 🙂 🙂
AND of course i am super excited about finding out who my sock pal has been. My pal has been so nice and left comments on my almost all my entries-it feels good when before i only got comments from my mom or my friend Andrea but i made them look at my blog lol i never made my pal. 🙂 So i am excited.
Since i do have a few days until clue 5 comes out-i am going to work on my Pinwheel Purse and finally try a bracelet from my book that i got a couple weeks ago. i also have to finish winding my second skein of yarn for the Stole. 

I have decided to end this post by sending you over to fellow blogger, Joanna. She made some Cat Drawings that i just love and want you all to see too. The colors in them are great and she had some fun with the word Cat- So go check them out- Friendsheep!

Enjoy and i hope you are all having a good week so far and keeping cool-it looks like it is Hot all over the States-i know it is here-Heat=sluggish me!  And fellow readers in other countries- CNN did not tell me your weather but i hope you are comfortable too!

2 thoughts on “clue 4 completed

  1. You are knitting that stole so quickly. It looks great! I haven’t touched mine in a week. My daughter is getting ready to go to college in 3 short weeks and we’re trying to get everything she needs.
    Your socks are ready to go. I just have to get a box and pack them up. I’ll mail them tomorrow or Friday at the latest! Boy I hope they fit;)

  2. First of all, thank you very much for mentioning my blog and my cats! I’m glad you like them, even more because I don’t consider myself an artist when I take a crayon in my hand. *^v^*
    Your stole is great, I’m still in the 1/3 of the clue 4, must catch up on the rest! ^^

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