What makes a Little Man do this?

Sleepy after the zoo, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

A trip to the Zoo!!
Yesterday was Hubby’s last day off from his mini weekend vacation and we took Little Man to the Detroit Zoo. He had a great time! His Favorites were the Rhinos, giraffes, butterflies (they had a building where the butterflies flew frely around) and the Polar Bear.
I got some great pictures but instead of trying to load each one individualy and resize each-Take a look at my Flickr if your interested-the zoo pics are on the first 3 pages-i haven’t had a chance to group them yet. i got some really great butterfly pics! (just click on the craftydiddl link on the top pic)

I haven’t done much knitting over the weekend-i was busy reading Harry Potter-and it was really good-that’s all i will say.
I did do other things too-Little Man was at grandma’s house so me and hubby went out to breakfast on Saturday, I tried to play some tennis while my hubby was very patient with me lol, we fixed our front steps and we went to see my Friend that moved to Indiana while she was here to pick her final things at the old house. so it wasnt all reading.
I did start working on Clue 4 for the Mystery Stole but i only did 10 rows-i was watching a movie at the same time and the movie ( Tipping the Velvet) was more interesting 🙂 teehee. Hopefully more progress tonight.
I want to put a few little goodies in my sock pal’s package so i am working on ideas for that.
I want to start trying a bracelet from my new book
want…want…want…oh if only i had the time for all the things i want to do. but i am happy with what time i do have-some don’t even have that much 🙂 i just need to cut down on all the projects i want to do 🙂 🙂
Hope everybody else had a fun weekend! and hopefully i will have some sort of progress to show you next time.

2 thoughts on “What makes a Little Man do this?

  1. That is the cutest picture!! The zoo sounds like great fun! We love the zoo too.
    It sounds like you had a really nice weekend. I finally started clue 3 on my MS3. The going is very slow.

  2. Look at him clutching Diddl!!! I want to take the kiddies to the zoo so bad this summer! I’m glad you had such a nice weekend. And, I’m sorry, did you say you played TENNIS? I’m having a hard time with the visual, no offense.

    I finished Harry Potter!! We need to talk now. 🙂

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