Elephant Ears=Yummy

Mystery Stole 3, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

I am moving along slowly on my Mystery Stole-i didnt get the 2nd clue done until late last night. Part of the problem came when i was working on row 43-i would do the row move on and realize i missed a yarnover-go back and fix it-Frog back and fix that one and miss another one so from back and fix it AGAIN- THREE TIMES I DID THIS-very frustrating-but i was trying to rush because i wanted to work on my sock pal’s sock but Alas my cocky fastness only left me working on my shawl all night. BUT i really like how its shaping up!!! and even with my little hiccup last night i am still having fun with this.

Not much else is really going on right now. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL-my ideal weather!! High 70’s and breezy. Little Man and I went to the local Art Fair yesterday-and i was a little disappointed. I like Art Fairs but it really seems like Art Fairs are becoming less and less “ART” fairs. I mean there was a huge booth of name brand sunglasses there and a lot of the booths were also just from the stores that happen to be on that main street already. It used to have om many awesome and original things- i used to leave wanting something from half of the booths. That is just MY opinion of this one fair-i know that there are other much better fairs out there. But we still had a lot of fun and we had an Elephant Ear-Mmmmm so GOOD-the art fair is the only time a year i eat one of those.
No big plans for the weekend-i am sure some playground time with Little Man and knitting of course!
Have a Great Weekend!!

One thought on “Elephant Ears=Yummy

  1. Your shawl is so nice. Last night I tried to fix a mistake in mine and after an hour or so I ripped the whole thing. After seeing yours I think I have the will to reknit it.
    It’s so sad that your art fair has devolved into something less than it used to be. We have a town day here in Sept. and it used to be so fun with craft booths and all the local stores booths. Now it’s a bunch of junk and all the craft booths are gone.
    Have a great weekend!

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