socks and a washcloth


I finished one of my sock pal’s socks!! Just a half more to go. I am so glad that i decided to “work them both at the same time” i would be kinda dreading having to start a whole sock right now.


 I love how the socks are turning out. A long time from now i will want some of these for my feet 🙂 I will be really happy when these are done. Not that i haven’t enjoyed working on them but i have so many things i am working on and these are the one thing that HAVE to get done and i am so used to being able to just let something st if i don’t feel like working on it.  At the same time its nice having the deadline. 

I think i am going to work on Clue 2 for Mystery Stole 3 this weekend but by the end of the weekend i would like to have the gussets on the second sock started.

(Insert Photo Here)

Well i was supposed to have a picture of Little Man’s socks there but i deleted the picture off my computer but luckily i already have it on Flickr so i included a link to that if you want to take a peek.  i need to put them on his feet to see how much longer i need to make them. Little socks go so much faster.  Can you imagine Grown-Ups with little toddler feet.  What a laugh. It’s after 10 i start to get giddy thoughts. 🙂


Last but not least my washcloth. Omi got her package today and she LOVED her washcloth.  I sent her the one like mine and then the Argosy Washcloth.

I did some shopping on Etsy today-i was checking to see if anyone sold Friendship Bracelets and for how much and i founs this book that i am still pondering BUT there are some things in it I can already do and the shipping is almost as much as the book.  So i think i will just visit it and hope someone else buys it soon so it doesn’t taunt me anymore.  But i still had some money on my giftcard left so i bought this Bracelet!  I can’t wait for it to come!! And i already want more.  

Well off to bed for me…Good Night and have a great weekend!


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