I’m Back

Hey There-

I’m back online-i wasn’t really offline but my dad was visiting from Puerto Rico and so i was only popping on right before bed to check my email. 

We had such a great time-i was a little worried, me and my dad aren’t super close we have always been far away from each other but it was a lot of fun and Little Man loved having his Abuelo (spanish for Grandpa) here to play with.  They had a great time and Aidan was instantly all over him. He wasn’t shy or holding back at all.  We only had on small letdown-we got tickets for a Tiger game and it got canceled because of rain but i mean there isn’t really much you can do about that. 

I did work on some knitting while he was here:

I finished my Altenating Colors washcloth and i started some socks for Little Man. i wanted something small to work on at the baseball game-well all i got to do was cast-on while we were there but i am almost done with one sock.

I frogged my Hedera’s-like i said i just wasn’t feeling it.

My Sock pal socks are also coming along but i barely touched them while my dad was here.

AND i have been “Ravelrying” lots and lots and lots 🙂

Pictures coming soon.


One thought on “I’m Back

  1. I’m glad you had a great time with your Dad and it’s so nice that little man and he hit it off so well.
    I finished your socks.
    Ravelry is addictive!

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