Saturday Market Bag, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

My Saturday Market bag is all done!! It has even been taken out to see the world already-We went on a picnic today and my new bag wanted to come and how could i say No 🙂

Pattern: Saturday Market Bag from Magknits
Yarn: Sugar n’ Cream in Colorway Playtime
Needles-Size 15 and 10-I used my Denise Interchangable set
Comments: I loved this pattern-it was a quick knit and the end result is great! i used the mods i found browsing and reading other blogs (Ravelry really speeded this process up-another reason to love Ravelry) They can be found here. I think next time i would try knitting this in the round because the side seams were a bit tricky and don’t look as nice as i would like. but other than i love my bag!

Time to get back to work on my sock pal’s socks.


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