Mail and Washcloths

 I got mail yesterday!! i got mail yesterday!!!! yay yay!!!  When i first peeped my head in the mailbox i saw this: 


and i instantly thought who in the world am i getting an Amish Country postcard from.  Noone i know is gone or lives there and then i turned it over to read and IT”S FROM MY SOCK PAL!!!  She wrote to say that my sock was traveling with her and seeing some sites.  How cool is that not only did i get a surprise postcard (i love mail) but i will be getting a sock that has been places.  Thanx for the surprise postcard Sock Pal it put a smile on my face!


I finally finished my washcloth-i changed my mind about making one big one.  I am going to make another one and one i will send to my Grandma in Germany and the other i will keep for myself. For this one-

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton-colors 202 and 208  

Pattern is from Mason-Dixon Knitting and i followed it exactly besides maybe how many rows i did- i just knitted until i felt like stopping.

My second washcloth:


Can you se a difference LOL-yep i switched the colors around.

Sock Pal sock update: One sock has has the heel turned and i am turning the other one tonight.

I started walking again, feels good 🙂 And i want to try and do Yoga again i miss it and i am so not flexible anymore( not that i was a pretzel or anything but i can’t even touch my feet anymore, that’s no good) Yoga used to make me feel good.   Hubby is working 12 hour shifts all next week so i will have to squeeze things in during Little Man’s nap and he will have no choice but to go on my walks.  Luckily it is supposed to cool down during the week.

My dad is coming next Saturday for a week so i also have to get ready for his visit.  I’m a little bit nervous about it-me and my dad are not super close just because we have always been so far away from each other.  and he had a Triple Bypass last August so he can’t eat all that junk and red meat that we eat here lol-i am sure it will do me and hubby  some good to eat better, i always try and make sure Little Man tries to eat pretty good.  But i have a recipe book i got about a year ago that has all heart healthy recipes and i am going to try and find some things to make while he is here.

Well off to turn a heel. Hope you all had a nice weekend.



One thought on “Mail and Washcloths

  1. Your dishcloth is great. I love the colors. I bet your grandmother will love it.
    I’ve never done yoga but I do find it tempting. I walk daily, when life doesn’t get in the way. After a while it becomes a habit and when I can’t go I miss it.
    I hope you have a good visit with your Dad. Little man is bound to keep him very entertained.

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