Greensburg Squares, Wings and Knitting being Alien

DSCF0497, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

i finally started the fairy wings. They were collecting fuzzies and floating between floor and table the past few days but i hope to finish them tonight.

I have 2 squares so far and plan to start my third AFTER i finish the wings :). I love the striping on the green square that was made from a german skein of yarn and the burgandy square is just some leftover Cascade 220.

I worked on the green square at the graduation party i went to for Knitting in Pubilc Day. You would have thought i was doing some sort of Alien activity i wasn’t asked like this ‘Oh what’s that your doing?” It was more like What ARE you doing? and i was called Susie Homemaker. But i kept up my knitting and socializing!! i just couldn’t believe what a big deal it was. Only one Grandma who crochets asked with interest what i was making. Oh well i love being Alien!!

Gotta check on my lasagna. Mmmm

p.s. socks are resting probably will be for a couple more days-Good thing you get a couple months to work on your sock pal socks.


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