Rebuilding Greensburg

I came across this some where in blog land a few weeks ago and i have been eyeing this project/charity collection for some time and she needs thousand more squares so i decided i will need something easy to work on at the graduation party in the park tomorrow ( i will be knitting in public on Knitting in Public day what a coincidence!!!).  My current detailed lacy socks just won’t do i have a feeling that there will be a lot of up and down so i want something easy and small so why not be helpful!! It will benefit the people of Greensburg and it will benefit me by being a handy and easy project 🙂

Anyway you can read deails here but basically they are collecting 8 inch squares to make afghans for the people of Greenburg, Kansas that lost basically everything.  I noticed that she got some hats and other things too so i am going to add a scarf and 2 hats that i have extra also.

I picked out 3 single skein German yarns i got from my grandma in Germany and an extra Cascade 220 in a dark purple i got from Hubby’s grandma.

Off to watch some Stargate (last season 😦 ) and start a square.  Have a great weekend everybody!

p.s. anybody else Knitting in Public tomorrow?


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