Lots of stuff going on…this is Jenni’s last week before she starts her move down to Indiana.  I am not feeling the sadness quite as much but i know on her last day when i go say goodbye again i will probably have some more tears. but all will be well! 🙂

Gradution party on Saturday-i don’t mind i just wish we didnt have to drive little over and hour to get there-i am whining about that and my Best Friend is moving over six hours away LOL but that i wouldn’t mind because of what would be at the end of the 6 hours.  and i am hoping to finish cleaning and organizing around the house i got Little Man’s room all rearranged and the big dresser switched with a smaller dresser so that we he has more floor space for his kitchen and stuff.  Kids toys sure have gotten bigger and take up a lot of space.

I finally went to Joann and got some stiffer felt for my fairy’s wings…she still doesn’t have a name.  Last week i was able to get the templates enlarged at my mom’s so now i just hav to cut, decorate and sew on.  That will be my goal for tomorrow.

I started sewing an apron today. Just a small waist one from Simple Sewing  by Lotta Jandsotter.  There is a cute hat in it i want to make but i want to start out easy and work my way up. My machine sewing is not very good or very straight at all.  I actually suprised myself today when i was sewing but i took it slow and tried not to worry about it all so much. 

And i am of course still working on my sock pals sock and i started some Hedera’s, as of now they don’t have a set owner maybe for me maybe not. I had actually considered as a pattern for my sock pal but it really seemed like a pattern that might need some as you go sizing so i was a little nervous about it.  I really wanted to make them so I am 🙂 And there are already about 3 other socks i want to make! Not counting the ones from Knitting Vintage Socks. I am addicted!!!!

Pictures coming soon 🙂

One thought on “Wip’s

  1. I am not making you Hedera socks;) That’s a relief! I did get the yarn and start your socks. Well, I started a few different socks but wasn’t happy with any of them. The current ones seem to be the ONES!
    We have been invited to a few graduation parties too. Last weekend was the first in a string.
    I envy that you can sew. I have a sewing machine and have made a few things but they are barely usable.

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