My “sister”, a FO and WIP’s

Babe and WIP’s, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

i take my pictures and start mentally thinking about what i am about going to blog about and then i don’t do it. My sock pal even emailed to check up on me-How nice is that?? Dear sock pal i am doing very good-little sad and if you read on you will find out why, nothing bad or serious just sad. I have just been blog lazy-picture loading lazy-lazy in general when it comes to Sheepie Knits.

Why am i sad? Last week my Best Friend since 3rd grade, My “Sister” went to Indiana for Vacation and came back talking about the houses and the great deals and her husband missing his parents who moved there about a year ago and that they were seriously considering at moving down there. And of course i was very encouraging and understood all the reasons why they would want to make the move (cheaper, bigger house, hubby’s family that can watch the baby so they don’t need daycare) but i figured it would take some time and they were still in the “Investigating stage”. Boy was i ever wrong. She emailed me over the weekend just a couple days after they got back to say they were goign back to indiana for the long weekend to look at houses and hubby had some job interviews. Okay…No problem…I wished them all the best, lots of luck on the interviews and finding a house that they wanted and i seriously meant it all. She called today from Indiana-Hubby got a job thy want him to start ASAP, she works for Fashion Bug so she is just gonna work for one down there and they found a great house. They will slowly be making the move for the rest of June. She could be fully in Indiana by the end of June or middle of July at the most-i know Tim (her hubby) will be there for sure cause he is putting in his two weeks and goign right down to start his new job. THIS IS ALL GOING TO FAST FOR ME. My Best Friend, My “Sister” who has lived 4 houses down from me all our childhood, then in a apartment with me and then just 10 mins away from me in neighboring cities and right now minutes away in the same city is moving 6 hours away from me–i know thats what happens when you get older and you all move on-but she is my family and all my family already lives even farther away from me and i just can’t believe that this is all happening so fast.
I am beyond happy that everything is falling right into place for here-i wouldn’t want it any other way and i hate that i feel like this-i feel selfish feeling like this but i am going to miss her soo much!!! and i didnt think i would be so sad cause i always knew she wanted to move down to that area but…but…it’s so fast.
But i feel tears coming back–let’s talk knitting.
I made a doll from Dream Toys-she is supposed to be the fairy ( cause i love fairies) but i can’t enlarge the wings template yet so she is a wingless fairy. i used various half used skeins for her-some baby yarn for her body, her hair is the yarn i used for my Mini Sweater, and her dress is some Bernat satin yarn. I love her and her crazy eyes.
She is holding the beginnings of the sock for my Sock Pal-Louet Gems Super Fine Merino wool in Crabapple Blossom from THE LOOPY EWE ( love the loopy ewe and Sheri-best service and Sheri si so sweet!!!!) My goal for my Pal is some socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush called the Child’s French Sock (that’s one of the best pics i could find of them). i hope she will like them, she likes a lot of varigated yarns but was looking on her blog and she has so many it seemed that she had made or was working on and she also mentioned she would like solid cabled or lacey socks so i am going with that.  What do you think?
Below my wingless fairy is my washcloth-yes i know i have gotten very far on it 🙂 🙂 LOL. I have just been working on it at random moments-my plan is just to work on it until my yarn runs out so it may be more like a hand towel and it may take some time at this pace.
Well, i think it’s time for some dessert for me an the Little Man!
Sock Progress in a few days 🙂 i may even have some started for myself that i saw in Knitting Vintage Socks. 🙂 🙂


One thought on “My “sister”, a FO and WIP’s

  1. Hi! Glad to see you post.
    Your fairy doll is beautiful. Have you given her a name? She really needs one.
    Your sock pal will love the socks. It’s always a treat for a knitter to have someone knit for them. They know the work involved and really appreciate it.
    I’m so sorry your friend is moving. It’s hard to be the one left behind when they are so excited making all their plans. My husband was in the Air Force and we moved or had friend move a few times. It’s hard to be so far apart but it is possible to stay in touch. Email helps a lot. Would you and your husband ever consider moving? My husband talks about moving (for an area with a lower cost of living) all the time but we are finally near family so we’ll stay here for a while.
    I still haven’t gotten the yarn for your socks. I’m just about at the point of stalking the mailman. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

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