Glampyre’s Mini Sweater

Glampyre’s Mini Sweater, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

All Done-Just need a button–i could have posted this tuesday but i was lazy 🙂
Pattern: Mini Sweater aka boob holder
Yarn: German Yarn-Wolle Rodel Acapulco-it’s 54% acrylic, 38% merino and 8 % Viscose.
Dates: May 4-14, 2007
Notes: Very easy knit-i did have to do some extra increases for the arm and body and i didn’t make the sleeves as poufy- i think it would have looked funny on me. but other than that i follod the pattern. Would make again 🙂
I have been taking a little 2 day knitting rest but i think tonight i will cast-on for my washcloth.
I emailed my sock pal again today so hopefully by beginning of next week i will hear back, if not then i will just move and and do whatever i want 🙂 🙂
Little Man just woke up from his nap so off i go…


One thought on “Glampyre’s Mini Sweater

  1. Your mini sweater is great!! It fits you perfectly. I love the color. I knit one for my daughter and I did the sleeves the same way you did.
    I hope you hear from your sockpal.

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