My Week

My week started off pretty good and then came Wednesday-my birthday and my little man became miserably ill with a cold.  So miserably ill that when i was in my bathroom he came to look for his booger sucker and proceeded to puke, his whole lunch that he had about 20 mins prior, all over me, the sink, the toilet, the floor and the shower curtain…Yep…Happy Birthday to me!!  There was a repeat performance after i cleaned him up but luckily he was very minor in comparison and just on his blanket.  We stayed home Thursday because he was still miserable and Friday we only ventured to the grocery store because i had to get some heavy cream for the Ganache that i was putting on my mom’s Petit Fours for Mother’s Day.  Evening came and i started sniffling and my nose was much more runny and boogery just to be my allergies–YEP!!!! i was sick by 8 i was laying in bed miserable and spent all day Saturday in bed-Bathroom and Lunch for Little Man were the only things i got up for. Today was a little bit better but i am still feeling pretty drained and starting to cough and have continued to spend about 60% of my day in bed.

Not what i had planned for my week of birthday and Mother’s Day.  But i should be thankful for all that i have not that my week went bad-but i think its natural to be disappointed-or am i being selfish?

On a Happier note i did get money for my birthday and my Best Friend got me a gift card to Joann (local craft store) and my Mom got me an AWESOME GIFT-Yarn in a Dark Purple, pattern for a shawl for the yarn, Modular Knits, Loose tea and tea strainer, my favorite chocolate from Whole Foods, Badger lip and boldy balm in Chai Rose,  Some really cool bead rings i’ll have to take some pictures of those,  a darling beanie Eeyore in a yellow jammie shirt(we love eeyore he is our favorite friend) and last but not least a hot pink roll of Duct Tape because we are making Duct Tape Body forms 🙂 and Hubby got basically let me lose on Amazon and i got some movies, Knitting Vintage Socks, and the soundtrack to Amelie :). So it really was  good birthday but we just had a setback a very sick setback lol 🙂

I am almost done with The Mini Sweater. I would have been done sooner but i have only managed 3 rows over the past 2 days that i was sick.

I haven’t been able to get any yarn for my sock pal yet 😦 i emailed twice and she emailed me letting me know she was busy and would get me her measurements last weekend 😦 and so i said okay no rush but asked her some color q’s and she still hasn’t answered any of my q’s from either of my emails.  Ugh here i am complaining again but i really wanted to have some yarn picked up by now and she hasnt updated her blog since January and there wasnt much on it so i didnt get much help from there-but i do have some ideas so i might just have to go with the flow.

Pics of sweater hopefully by wednesday then start my washcloth.



One thought on “My Week

  1. Sorry you and little man haven’t been feeling well. And on your Birthday and Mother’s day too. Not fair at all.
    Belated Happy Birthday! And Happy Mother’s Day too.
    I’m sorry your sockpal isn’t more cooperative. It’s very hard. I’d say if you don’t hear from her give her another email just in case she lost yours. If you don’t hear from her again, knit whatever you feel like knitting her.

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