Sockapalooza 4

Yep!! i joined this year!! YAY!! i am excited.  i got my pals info yesterday and i am really excited about looking for some yarn for her socks.  She likes Lace patterns and prefers them in a solid color which is what i was hoping to do before i even knew who my pal was. So i am excited now i just need to start looking at patterns and yarn- and go over her preferences again just make sure that is what i want to do. Have to be sure.

My sock pal left me a comment too!! ohhh exciting exciting!!!! 

I need to finish my Jaywalker- i haven’t been working on it at all but i watched the episode of Knitty Gritty with Cat Bordhi and her Mobius Strip Cowl and wanted to try it out so i did and it didnt come out right-i made the mobius strip but half my Mobius was Stockinette and the other half was purled–I think i did the cast-on wrong.  and the worst part is i accidently deleted the episode from my DVR so now i can’t go back and see how it was done ARRRGGHHH!!! and they didnt have pictures on DIY site–HO HUM so sad.

Off to get some rows done on my Jaywalker before 2nd sock syndrome really kicks in!!!

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