I Just Don’t Know

i’m here but sometimes i wonder.   i just feel like i have nothing to write or it sounds so dumb once i start to write it out but in my head it sounded really cool.

A lot going on right now, Sewing, Knitting, Feeling Blah, Health,  and Busy.

Something just hasn’t been feeling right, maybe a bit off balance. But i am taking my stomach medicine again, trying not to stay up as late, eat better just trying to be better to myself but i do think i will have to see my doctor again soon just to get checked out and make sure. You ever have that feeling where something just doesn’t feel right-that’s what i have.

But on a positive note my Little Man is 3!! Oh how fast they grow! It makes a Mommy proud and sad and happy and just so many things.  We celebrated just the 3 of us on Wednesday and on Sunday a few people are coming over for cake and ice cream.  We even had his 3 yr check-up and he was so good! He didn’t get any shots but still he let the doctor look at him and talked to her and was just an angel. I was so proud, we hadn’t been since his 2 yr checkup so i was wondered how he would react but he has had a Elmo book about seeing a doctor for a long time so i think he kinda already knew what to expect. I am so Proud of My Little Man!!!!! I Love you baby!!!
Little Man is 3!

In my crafty part of life i am happy to say i am knitting Jaywalkers!!! I am almost done with the first sock but i am really worried i won’t have enough yarn for the second sock and i got the yarn 2 years ago!!! i also picked out a lace pattern i want to try after my socks AND i signed up for SOCKAPALOOZA!!! i am excited and nervous!! okay Super Nervous what if i get someone that is super experienced and my soks arent good enough! At least i have about 4 months to do the socks.

Well, i have some letter writing to do so more next time-SOONER and some pics i still don’t understand this wordpress picture thing but i haven’t really looked that hard either.

Have a Great Weekend!!

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