Cure for my Knitting Blahs

Cure for my Knitting Blahs, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

My Cure is SEWING!! like i said i had some stuff that i wanted to finish up but i am also starting new projects.
They are all patterns from Wee She has 3 pattern books and i have the all-the third one just came the other day.
So from book one i am finishing a bunny who has been 1/4 done since September.
Then i traced the pieces for Book two’s Spaceboy and some of the Robot, i ran out of template stuff). fabric shopping day coming soon 🙂
And finally MORE tracing for Book three’s Big Footed Bunny!!! i can’t wait to make him especially since i tried to buy one from her but it sold out in seconds and i couldn’t have afforded it at the time anyway.
So i should be busy for the next couple of weeks and hopefully when i am done i will be cured–has anyone else out there gotten knitting blahs before? If so, what did u do?


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